Roof-Mount vs Ground-Mount Solar Panels

Roof-Mount vs Ground-Mount Solar Panels: Things to Know Before Installation Considering the current economic and environmental conditions, it’s safe to say that solar is the future. And thanks to government incentives, this is the ideal time to invest in solar panels and make your property future-proof. But before you go about it, it’s important to […]

On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar

On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar: Which One Should You Get & Why? When you switch to solar energy, you start enjoying a wide range of benefits. Your energy expenses go down, you receive a consistent supply of clean energy, and you can get tax credits and incentives from the federal and state governments. But before proceeding […]

Solar Panel Types: What’s the Right Choice for Your Home?

Solar Panel Types: What’s the Right Choice for Your Home? Solar panels are an integral part of your home energy system. The kind of solar panel you use will have a direct impact on your energy efficiency, total installation cost, and performance of the system. So before installation, it’s important to know what are the […]

Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2022

Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2022: Learn How to Save Money Electricity bills have hit an all-time high in 2022, pushing homeowners to look for fossil fuel alternatives. Keeping the economy and the environment in mind, the government is using solar to promote clean energy, which is quite evident from the recent solar tax credit […]

Solar Panels for Home: Lease or Buy?

Solar Panels for Home: Lease or Buy? With the global energy crisis, climate change, and soaring inflation, it’s highly likely solar energy will become a popular alternative to fossil fuels. To incentivize homeowners further, the federal government recently announced a 30% solar tax credit, making it the best time to install solar panels for homes! […]