Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation Process: How Do We Go About It? 

Learn the step-by-step process of how KR Solar installs solar energy panels on your property.

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1. Free Consultation

Looking to go solar? Schedule a free consultation with us. Over this initial call, we evaluate your energy needs and answer all your queries. Our coordinator calculates how much you’ll save by switching to solar energy and we also help you find the best state and federal tax incentives to reduce the installation cost. We carry out this step via Zoom or over a phone call. 

2. Cost Proposal Submission 

Once we evaluate that solar would be a good fit for your property, we prepare a comprehensive proposal for the project. This document covers every detail regarding the installation—the scope of work, cost of the process, suitable financing options, specifications of the solar system, performance projections, and any other relevant information. Here we also include the contract of the project. Once you give us a nod, we start with the work.

3. Design & Engineering

Not all roofs are the same. We consider your roof’s alignment, material, structure, and available space to design your system. We put special emphasis on making it efficient. Besides the technical details, we also take care of the aesthetics, so the solar panels complement your home. Built by a licensed engineer, the panels are meant to last for decades.

4. Get Permits 

You need permits from your city authorities and your utility company to proceed with the solar installation. Our project managers do all the paperwork and obtain the necessary permissions for you. 

5. Seamless Installation

This is the main task of the day. It consists of several steps like prepping, wiring, installing the racking system, placing the panels, and connecting the inverter.

  • Checking the roof and the surroundings closely for shading-related issues.
  • Prepping the roof for installation. 
  • Working on the necessary wiring. 
  • Installing the PV mounting system or racking on the roof.
  • Placing the PV panels on the racking and securing them.
  • Connecting the solar panels to the inverter.

6. Final Inspection

Once the installation is completed, an inspector from your city visits the site to check if everything has been done according to the rules. The utility also company sends a representative to do their standard check-up. If everything looks good, the utility company attaches your solar system to the local power grid and installs the Net Meter. As the system passes through these inspections, you get permission to operate your system. 

7. Demo

Once these steps are done, we give you a detailed demo of how the system runs itself, and how to use it daily. 

8. Enjoy Free Electricity!

And that’s it. Switch on your system, and start enjoying solar energy!

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Installation?

From the initial consultation to the final inspection and activation, the process takes around 6-8 weeks to complete. Installing the solar system takes only 1-2 days. A little bit of waiting to enjoy clean energy for years!

Why Choose KR Solar?

Ask All the Questions You Want

Need to know more about your solar panels? Or do you need more information on state and federal solar tax credits? Want to know what’s the best way to finance your solar system? Our experts will patiently listen to all your questions and answer them to your satisfaction. 

We’ll Be Around If You Need Us

We have been here for over 25 years, and we will be there for you in the future. We design and install our solar panels in a way so you don’t need our assistance over and over again. But in case you do, we’re just a call away! We’d love to help you out with any queries or concerns.

Trained Technicians for Top-Notch Services

We take pride in our team of expert technicians. They have professional training in evaluating project sites, designing, structuring, and installing solar panels. Our consultants are trained to help you offset your solar panel cost with tax credits, and find you the best financing options based on your requirements.

Hassle-Free Process

With our experts by your side, the installation process takes place smoothly. Be it visiting the site, noting down details of the roof, installing the panels, connecting it to the grid, or obtaining permits—we look after each step meticulously, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

25-Year Warranty

At KR Solar, your safety and peace of mind are always our priority. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty which covers installation defects of all types. Our 25-year manufacturer’s warranty covers manufacturing deficiencies, and our 25-year production warranty covers the uninterrupted production of energy. Remember, we always have your back! 

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Will I Get Electricity Bills After Installing Solar?

Yes, you’ll get electricity bills even after installing solar, because you are still connected to the utility grid. You pass on the excess energy produced by your solar system into the grid, and at night when you don’t have access to power, you get electricity from the grid. You receive your bill after adjusting these amounts, so it’s likely to be very low.

Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?

Yes, you need to clean your solar panels to maintain optimum efficiency, ideally once every six months. Cleaning removes the dust and dirt that get accumulated on the panels and helps them run smoothly. You could either take help from professionals or do the cleaning by yourself.

Can My Solar Panel Work Without Batteries?

Yes, your solar panel can work without batteries. You can attach batteries to the solar system if you want to store energy for future consumption or if you want to be safe from power outages. But it’s not mandatory at all.

How Long Will the Solar Panel Last?

Solar panels are built to last long. They have a lifespan of 25-30 years.